Nadav Shchory | Architect

locally sourced & crafted


I am an Architect  with great passion for art.
highly experienced & educated by Israeli top Architects, mastering creation of high end functional & unique
spaces. I provide a mixture of Services which have
evolved organically over time. i react  to client needs and requests with an engaging passion,  I love challenges and i expand my knowledge with every experience.




You are welcome to check my work spaces design for startups website:

You are an ever evolving conceptual work of living art
— Michael Chichi

Much of my work deals with language, memory, agency, Time, place And space through the mediums of drawing, Photography, 3D art and Design. I also am a part of Eyedropper.
I have an appreciation for plants, hightops, Light, Shadow, Soil, vast spaces, porches, Vinyl, roots & Culture among others.








Academic Avenue

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Email :
12 Herzog street, Givataiem
Call 972-(0)52-8749393  from 08:00a – 18:00p daily